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Your life is precious. And you might be surprised to discover that you hold the key to finding happiness. Whether in your relationships, your family or your working life. If stress is holding you back, you could be experiencing up to 50 symptoms, ranging from back pain, neck ache and muscle spasms through to excess anxiety, anger and depression. Perhaps you’re feeling stuck in your life?

So, what if there was a different way? Removing stress and the limiting beliefs that are holding you back and causing you unhappiness or even pain.  At Essence of Healing, as an experienced holistic therapist in Hampshire and Surrey, our sole focus is on helping you to enjoy your life with passion and a purpose; using wonderful holistic therapies. Bringing contentment, vitality and prosperity to all areas of your life. I practice holistic therapies face to face in the Surrey and Hampshire areas or online so please contact me to discuss your needs

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The Benefits

Through Theta Healing, you’ll discover how to remove the limiting beliefs and negative emotions in your sub-conscious mind that are holding you back in your personal or work-life and causing an imbalance.

If you’re experiencing stress and worry, our use of Access Bars  will help to reduce any stresses or worries that you’re facing.  Helping you to feel lighter and energised; ready to be blessed with a life of enjoyment.

From increased energy and improved sleep, through to being able to move forward in life in areas where you are having difficulties, you can look forward to increasing your confidence; feeling relieved and uplifted.  Reducing your symptoms of stress – if not eliminating them completely.

Discover how you can find true happiness.

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I was more than grateful to her

"I had the privilege to be seen by Elena who agreed to meet me on a short notice and I was more than grateful to her.
I was a mess and was dealing with a major shift in my life and needed help and guidance.
When I arrived Elena was warm and welcoming and I felt instantly relaxed. The energy was very calming and she eased into the conversation, I was able to open up to her easily - I normally don't open up to people.

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Ariana Khushal, UK

Holistic therapist in Hampshire

Ariana Khushal, UK

... I was more than grateful to her ...
Holistic therapist in Hampshire

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