About Access Bars

Your brain is a wonderfully powerful tool. It also has the potential to limit your ability in a variety of areas in your life. However, it also the power to control the positive impact on your beliefs, thoughts, considerations, emotions and attitudes.  And this is where Access Bars can truly help. An energetic body process carried out through a gentle hands-on therapy, Access Bars involves the gentle touching of 32 points on your head that relate to various areas of your mind and your life. This could affect your creativity, awareness, your body, sadness, your financial security, even your sexuality. Access Bars enables your therapist to drive away the electrical charge stored in your brain which is limiting you from being what you want to be.  You’ll soon feel more relaxed and encouraged as the chatter in your mind becomes quieter. Benefits of the Access Bars are wonderful, as you enjoy a feeling of relaxation which flows through you. Access Bars is also known to encourage calmness, inner peace, improved sleep and less stress. You’ll enjoy a relaxing session, lying down comfortably while your therapist gently touches the various points on your head.

Access Bars can help with:
  • Reduces stress and worry
  • Helps to feel lighter and more energised
  • Eliminates aches, pains and stiffness in the body
  • Releases the blocks caused by build up anger, exhaustion and frustration


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