Emotional Stress – The Impact it has on our bodies

We are all aware of the busy, often stressful, world that we live in. Technology has enabled us to take care of many tasks simultaneously, made us constantly available for contact and all but removed the possibility of complete peace and quiet. There is, thankfully, an increased awareness of the need to tackle this, to give ourselves a proper break once in a while and to step away from the gadgets and smart phones that enslave us.

You are probably aware of the well-documented effects that stress can have on us, sometimes leading to total burnout if not addressed in time. But are you aware of the effects of Emotional Stress on your body? What are the signs that our bodies are carrying emotional stress and what can we do to address it?

So who suffers from emotional stress?

We will all suffer from emotional stress at various points in our lives – it’s inescapable. For some people it will be the inevitable events of life: losing a loved one, a relationship breakdown, children leaving home or financial worries. For others there may be more extreme causes, such as physical, psychological or sexual abuse, bullying, sudden bereavement or suffering a debilitating illness.

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How we deal with emotional stress will vary enormously between individuals, but there will almost always be a lasting effect on the body. This may still be felt years after an emotionally traumatic event. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the physical effects of emotional stress, if not treated, will still be experienced two years after the event. That’s a long time for the body and mind to be struggling with stress-triggered symptoms.

What causes emotional stress?

Traumatic life events generally trigger a period when there are many things to take care of: a funeral to arrange, a new job to find, a house to sell, a relative to care for – the list goes on. In fact, the irony here is that we may be so busy trying to cope with the physical demands, that we are unable to recognise that our emotional stress remains unchecked. Too stressed to deal with our stress!

So how can we tell if our body is suffering from the effects of emotional stress? Well, like any kind of stress, the symptoms are wide ranging and can occur in any part of the body. To make matters worse, they can easily be confused with other ailments or conditions, making them even more likely to be ignored or overlooked.

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The good news, when it comes to identifying the symptoms of emotional stress, is that specific emotions are linked to distinct areas of the body. This can help us to identify the cause of emotional trauma and recognise the effect it is having on the relevant area of our body.

What are the symptoms of emotional stress?

For a full list of over 50 symptoms of emotional stress click here. Below is a summary of the areas of the body that are most impacted by specific emotional stress:

  • Nervous System – Fear / Anxiety
  • Musculoskeletal – Faith / Self-worth / Security
  • Respiratory System – Sorrow / Grief / Loss
  • Cardiovascular – Love / Anger / Disappointment
  • Endocrine System – Communication / Defeat / Control
  • Gastrointestinal – Abuse / Anger / Worry
  • Reproductive System – Safety / Support / Shame

These emotions create a negative energy that can remain stuck in our bodies. An excess of negative energy can therefore inhibit the body’s ability to clear and heal itself, and will manifest as physical symptoms relating to the relevant area. Over time, this stored negative energy can cause major health problems, both physical and psychological.

What can we do to help ourselves?

The solution, once the symptoms have been identified, is to clear the negative energy from the body and allow positive energy to flow freely once again. The effects of doing so can be dramatic: reversing the impact of emotional stress and recapturing a sense of wellbeing.

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