It actually has changed my outlook and I would definitely say it has had a positive affect on me.

“I visited Elena, in search for some clarity on what is holding me back in my life.
I went into the holistic therapy with an open mind but I actually had no idea she would reveal so much about me that I knew but had spent years disguising.  She made me feel so relaxed and it was easy to open up and allow her to work on me.
She explained everything that she was doing and asked permission for my participation. 

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I would not hesitate in recommending Elena’s Access Bars therapy

“I recently had Access Bars therapy with. I was very impressed with the venue which enabled me to relax and enjoy the wonderful therapy. I really benefitted from my session with Elena and felt very energised and positive when it had finished. My sleep and confidence has improved. I would not hesitate in recommending Elena’s Access Bars therapy and will definitely book another session.”

I would thoroughly recommend any sessions with her

“Elena is a holistic therapist who champions personal wellness and is passionate about spirituality, health, wellbeing and personal development. I have been having trouble sleeping lately and with this in mind Elena invited me to try an access bars therapy. I had not heard of access bars but was willing to try it.

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Thank you for giving me back my life

“It was wonderful to chat with the wonderful lady, who helped me 18 months ago, get over my mothers death and holding on to a feeling of not doing enough to prevent her dying in hospital after promising I wouldn’t let that happen.

Elena helped me release that pent up blame within myself and showed me that I could forgive myself and that my mother wouldn’t want me to feel that way. I really feel more energy around me these days, have amazing connections every day and feel more spiritually connected so want to thank her for all she has done for me. Thank you for giving me back my life and allowing me the freedom to make a difference in others lives. Thank you Elena Lafferty.”

Elena was extremely accurate in identifying the root cause and explaining how to move forward to achieve happiness

“My wife and I recently had a couple’s session with Elena. We have been having some recurring issues in our relationship for a while, so we wanted to dig deeper into this and really identify what really is the root cause of this problem.
We have never done any couple therapy or anything like this before, so we went into this completely open-minded to be able to identify our individual beliefs and see if they could be causing our conflicts.

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I don’t really understand how her healing works, but it really does!

“ I went to see Elena for her ‘talking therapy’ several months ago now. From the moment I first met Elena, I was drawn to her and knew I would find it easy to be open with her. She’s the type of person who makes you feel calm pretty much instantly and she’s very approachable! I’ll be honest, I don’t really understand how her healing works but it really does! Elena and I sat down and she asked me a few questions.

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… a highly intuitive healer …

“Elena is a highly intuitive healer. She has a wonderful ability to connect at a deeper level that allows her to go beyond the presenting issues. She has a very gentle, nurturing and respectful approach in her work. I would thoroughly recommend her.”

Do not underestimate the power of this therapy

“When I first met Elena Lafferty, I could sense that she was extremely intuitive and perceptive.
I consider myself quite a spiritual person, so when I started talking to her it was clear that Elena was also highly spiritual and sensitive.
I think I knew deep down that I was harbouring deep rooted emotions and anger. It was only when we were working together through the session, that it became clear to me that I was harbouring a lot more negative thoughts about myself on a subconscious level than I first realised.

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I was more than grateful to her

“I had the privilege to be seen by Elena who agreed to meet me on a short notice and I was more than grateful to her.
I was a mess and was dealing with a major shift in my life and needed help and guidance.
When I arrived Elena was warm and welcoming and I felt instantly relaxed. The energy was very calming and she eased into the conversation, I was able to open up to her easily – I normally don’t open up to people.

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